Agvesta consultants draw on direct experience in agriculture and agribusiness – with other skills/experience gained in technology, financial services, international marketing and management. The lead team applies a creative but pragmatic approach in projects undertaken and works with stakeholders and aims to deliver measurable results. The lead consultants are:


Campbell Woskett

Area of Focus:  Strategy, Planning & Enterprise Development

Gregory Wiese

Area of Focus:  Finance, Funding & Commercial Acquisition

Michael Schaefer

Area of Focus:  Agriculture Sourcing & Project Management


Agvesta integrates other proven specialists resources, as needed, to manage the specific elements where required. This includes:

  • Business process improvement
  • Infrastructure reviews
  • Financial modelling and capital investment planning
  • Due diligence and investment
  • Supply chain sourcing and advice
  • Product packaging design
  • Brand identity design
  • Web & film production
  • International market development

The intent of the business is to provide strategic consulting expertise to clients to help develop their enterprise and to facilitate investment in sustainable and ethical commercial ventures.

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