This Agvesta led project is a greenfield pork production facility; it will leverage the increasing global demand for animal protein. As well as enjoying equity in Australian farming land, investors will participate in a modern design with progressive animal husbandry ensuring the more efficient production of quality Australian pork and
allowing for continuing herd and system improvement

Jambon will encompass a clear venture model to take an industry lead in pig production.


The venture is profiled with these key features:

  • Sustainable protein business
  • Location in the South Eastern region of South Australia, mainland state of Australia
  • Staged development (scope for horizontal and vertical expansion)
  • Regionally favoured investment and employment
  • Mix of outdoor and indoor farming
  • First stage of project utilising 800 hectares and producing 45,000 units per year
  • Domestic market sufficient to absorb production but major scope in exports
  • Trade Mark secured and brand developed from commencement
  • Documented quality and recording system, with integrated technology, supporting a culture of continuous improvement of systems and product
Pigs in a field Pork Processing